Teff Muffins

i just made these and they were really good. a great hearty muffin that would be perfect for breakfasts on the go.

teff in muffin form

Teff - the world's tiniest grain. Very nutritious and very tasty especially in this dense little wonder muffin. Teff joins with carrot, raisins, and toasted pecans in a hearty GF, vegan muffin that has a wonderful texture.

2 notes: do not use the little paper muffin/cupcake thingies. they wouldn’t come off. also, toast pecans in the toaster oven and then toss them in a food processor to make them very finely chopped.

also, my muffins took a lot longer to cook. i just kept checking them every 5 mins or so.


i used regular raisins instead of currants, grapeseed oil instead of olive oil, agave for the sweetener, NO NUTMEG (I think I hate heavy nutmeg in things). I subbed a little extra cinnamon, and some heavy sprinkles of cardamom which is cinnamon-like but more savory.


About veganallergist

Have you ever felt like crap nearly ALL the time? I have, only I did not realize how bad I was really feeling (consistently!) until I started keeping a food log, went vegan, and started cutting some foods out. My blog is a place to record some of my findings, research and recipes. --HOBBIES-- photography, art, gardening, reading, drawing, writing, making jewelry, cooking, and gaming (among others)
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